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As Hyde Park continues to change and grow, we cannot forget what we love about this great community and we certainly cannot forget to support our local businesses. Do you have a favorite restaurant or business in Hyde Park you want to support? Do love the diversity of people, the beautiful homes, the artistic culture...

Here's a fun way to share the love and participate in the Celebrate Hyde Park social campaign. Use your mobile phone to Check-In at local restaurants on 53rd Street. If you are really good with photos or video, let's see what you can do:

Fun Flicks Video (Twitter)

1 Follow @HydePark53 and @SECC_Chicago on Twitter.  Create a short video using your VINE or INSTAGRAM app. 

2  Create a short video and complete this statement:  "I love ________ in Hyde Park Chicago." 

3 Post your video, use #2013CHP and include @HydePark53 on Twitter.  ...

Paparazzi Pics (Facebook)

1 Take photos at the festival of your favorite performers, restaurants, family and friends. 

2 Post your best photos on the SECC Facebook Page and add #2013CHP to your post. 

3 Tag your friends.  Tag Celebrate Hyde Park.  Include your location. 

@ Not on Facebook?  Post your pics to twitter and include @HydePark53 and #2013CHP with your post.  ...

Mobile App & Alerts

1 Send the three letters CHP in a text message to 72727.  Text  service fees may apply.

2 After successfully sending the text message, you will receive a confirmation and access to the mobile app. ...

Join the Campaign:  Show Your Love and Get Social!