community letters

With significant changes facing 53rd Street in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, the entire community of residents, business owners, elected officials, developers, and corporations have a vested interest in the outcomes. Would you like to share your opinion? Here are some of the letters we've received.

Vue53: Enthusiastically Supporting

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Letter To:
Derek Douglas, VP of Civic Engagement

Dear Mr. Douglas,

I am a Hyde Park resident who fully, completely, and enthusiastically supports the University's plans for redevelopment of the site at 53rd Street currently occupied by the Mobil Station. I know many of my Hyde Park neighbors do as well, although they are not the strident minority that is given privileged hearing in the Herald or at community meetings.

The majority of the community supports this forward looking development.

Thank you,
David Hoyt
S. Cornell Avenue