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With significant changes facing 53rd Street in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, the entire community of residents, business owners, elected officials, developers, and corporations have a vested interest in the outcomes. Would you like to share your opinion? Here are some of the letters we've received.

Vue53: Expressing Enthusiastic Support

Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter To:

Alderman Will Burns, 4th Ward

Hyde Park Herald

Derek Douglas, University of Chicago


I am writing to you to express my enthusiastic support of the development project planned

for the current location of the Mobil station on 53rd St. in Hyde Park. As a homeowner

(we own a town home at 5433 South Ridgewood Court), I am always very concerned about

increased property values and as a resident of the neighborhood I am always hoping to see

new commerce and new consumers. As Hyde Park has developed in recent years it has been

wonderful to enjoy the new stores, restaurants, and other venues (we are thrilled about the

movie theater).

Obviously sustaining vibrant commercial life in any community requires people willing to spend
their money, so it seems to me obvious that a high-rise with 267 apartments will provide more
people able to patronize businesses. The fact that the development would involve more retail
is a great plus as far as I'm concerned. All of this undoubtedly will contribute to stabilizing
property values in the neighborhood and making the community in general more vibrant
and interesting.
I therefore urge anyone with the ability to support this project to do so for the good of the neighborhood.
With best regards,
Jonathan Daly
South Ridgewood Court
Chicago, IL 60615