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With significant changes facing 53rd Street in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, the entire community of residents, business owners, elected officials, developers, and corporations have a vested interest in the outcomes. Would you like to share your opinion? Here are some of the letters we've received.

Vue53: Make My Voice Heard

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Letter To:  

Alderman Will Burns, 4th Ward  and 

53rd CARRD


Dear 53rd CARRD and Alderman Burns,
I received the flyer that was put through my mail slot last week and I want to thank you for providing me with the impetus to "make my voice heard!"  However, I am one of the Hyde Park residents who SUPPORTS the idea of residential (and business) development on 53rd street--in fact, I think it is exactly what is needed!  We very much need increased residential density in Hyde Park in order to support the new businesses that I believe the majority of Hyde Parkers would like to see coming to our neighborhood.  The fact that for too many years we have had to travel downtown or to the north side in order to shop, dine out, or seek entertainment options is ridiculous.  That is beginning to change with the opening of the Harper Theater, Akira, and the new restaurants--but we need more, not fewer, people to support these "pioneers" who were willing to take a chance on Hyde Park and the South Side.  Let's get more businesses--and residents--who will come to appreciate what a phenomenal community this is.

I want to thank Alderman Burns for his role in facilitating business and residential development on 53rd street.


Kineret Jaffe
S. Dorchester Avenue