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With significant changes facing 53rd Street in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, the entire community of residents, business owners, elected officials, developers, and corporations have a vested interest in the outcomes. Would you like to share your opinion? Here are some of the letters we've received.

Vue53: Perfectly Reasonable

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Letter To:

Alderman Burns, 4th Ward

Derek Douglas, VP, Office of Civic Engagement


Dear Mr. Burns and Mr. Douglas,


I received a flyer in my mailbox from an ad hoc group called "53rd CARRD" asking me to make my voice heard in the McMobil debate, so I guess I will:


I support the McMobil plan. We need more density in Hyde Park and to revitalize 53rd Street. From everything I've read, the developer and the University have done what they can to include the neighborhood in the process, and to address concerns.


The scale of the project seems perfectly reasonable to me. (The Cloisters at 58th and Dorchester is a thirteen-story building--would the CARRD group call that a "massive skyscraper?") We live in a large metropolitan city, and 53rd Street has good access to public transportation. The people who oppose this plan would like Hyde Park to be an isolated suburb in the heart of Chicago. It's not a vision that I share.



Elizabeth Fama

S. Kenwood Ave.