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53rd Street Hyde Park Traffic Study

Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 things to know re: 53rd Street/Hyde Park Traffic Study

1.     The 53rd Street/Hyde Park traffic study was requested by Ald. Will Burns (4th Ward) and recently received funding for execution.

2.     The study is the result of consistent concerns about increased traffic, parking shortages and congestion expressed during the 53rd Street Visioning Workshops.

3.     The new 4th Ward Hyde Park Parking and Transit Committee was organized by the SECC to oversee the effectiveness of the study and the selected study administrator, T.Y LIN Consulting.  The steering committee will recommend strategies for improving the corridors based on the results.

4.     “The goal of the study is to pull together some action strategies for the community to implement for each of the corridors.” - Wendy Williams, Executive Director, South East Chicago Commission (SECC).

5.     The study will explore two specific aspects of neighborhood traffic.

6.     The first evaluation will be the 53rd Street/Lake Park Avenue corridor.

7.     The second evaluation will study the effects of the traffic developments in Hyde Park overall.  The study will look specifically at issues of access, egress and circulation within the area and will produce a transportation overview.

8.     The study seeks recommendations relating to bus shelters, sidewalks and crosswalks, signage, biking facilities, streetscape improvements, shared or consolidated parking, “control of parking demand through pricing” and parking requirements that will encourage pedestrian-friendly development.

9.     The study will be very effective if the community actively participates.  Volunteers interested in collecting data and opinions should contact Shannon Moorer at skmoorer@uchicago.edu or contact the SECC Office directly at 773-324-6926.  The study will end the 2nd week of November.  Please volunteer today!

10.  A public workshop will be held in February to gather community response and input.