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7 Things About Fiber Optics Coming to Hyde Park

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Fiber Optic Cables are Coming to Hyde Park for high speed connectivity. The safety of all residents and businesses is of utmost importance.
The upcoming construction project on 53rd St includes 5235 S. Harper Ct. to 1463 E. 53rd Street.  Roughly from Chipotle in Harper Court to Five Guys on 53rd Street.

There are 7 things you should know about the upcoming construction.

  1. The project consists of excavating a trench 600 feet long by 1.5 feet wide on the north side of 53rd St. and installing a conduit for the installation of new fiber optic cable.
  2. The project is estimated to take 22 days, 14 of these days being the actual excavation portion. The remaining 8 days will be material mobilization, exploratory work, job cleanup and de-mobilization (this shouldn’t have much of an effect, if any on businesses).
  3. The excavation portion will be broken into 2 phases, the first from 5235 S. Harper Ct. to the intersection of 53rd St & Harper Ave. This phase is estimated to take 8 days.
  4. The second phase will be from the intersection of 53rd St & Harper Ave. to 1463 E. 53rd St. This phase is estimated to take 6 days.
  5. During the excavation process there will be daytime parking restrictions. However, all parking will be available after our normal daytime work shift has ended. Normal work shifts are usually 7am – 3:30pm or 9am – 4pm depending on the restrictions we receive from the city of Chicago.
  6. All deliveries scheduled for any businesses will be accommodated. The delivery trucks/vehicles can safely park in the closed work area.
  7. Also, after the crew’s normal daytime work shift has ended, all construction material will be removed from the street and the trench will be steel plated for vehicles to drive on. 

Whenever possible, utilize alternate routes to avoid interrupted travel times.

Businesses are asked to notify delivery drivers in advance to avoid unnecessary road blockages.

During the first 2 weeks, you may notice daytime parking restrictions.  Please be aware that violations may result in tickets or towing that could be avoided.

Construction Management by:

Mark Carson
Superintendent/Safety Director
Reliable Contracting & Equipment Company
(312) 666-3626 Phone