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Hyde Park's Vue53: 10 Things to Know
Aug 2013 | CEI Media Group

Mesa Development, the developer for the Vue53 project, announced that it plans to begin work to remove the underground gas storage tanks from the Mobil site on Aug. 13, 2013. The Mobil station currently located on the site where Vue53 will be built is set to close on August 12.

Vue53 Brings $7.7 Million TIF District Revenues to Hyde Park
May 2013 | CEI Media Group

Mesa released a poster that highlights impressive economic growth markers that include 300 construction jobs, $7.7 Million in additional TIF District contributions, and no tax dollars received.

Invitation to TIF Advisory Council Meeting May-7-2013
May 2013 | CEI Media Group

To get the latest news on the Vue53 development, join the 53rd TIF Advisory Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 7th, 7pm at Kenwood Academy in the Little Theatre.