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SECC Announces the Woodlawn Business Corridor Improvement Grant

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SECC Announces the Woodlawn Business Corridor Improvement Grant

CHICAGO (June 20, 2016) - The South East Chicago Commission (SECC) is committed to the success of small businesses in the Woodlawn community and therefore excited to announce the birth of a new initiative, the Woodlawn Business Corridor Improvement Grant Program. Thanks to the generous support of the SECC’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Chicago, the City of Chicago, and the Office of Alderman Willie Cochran, this new grant opportunity will provide façade rebates directly to the business owners within the Cottage Grove and 63rd Street business corridor, which will be used specifically to improve or renew their building facades. Previous MOU investments in the retail corridors include colorful banners, flower pots, and garbage cans.

The new program is intended for small business owners or property owners who may be limited in their funding available which will help them to leverage funds in order to upgrade, preserve or restore their storefronts, display windows or install creative new signage. Businesses without a storefront are not eligible for funding. There are several distinct goals project applicants seeking assistance will need to accomplish with their project and in order to receive funding:

1. Nurture a pleasant and safe environment for residents, visitors, patrons and businesses;

2. Preserve, restore and accentuate the architectural heritage of Woodlawn;

3. Foster a visually attractive urban environment which will showcase local establishments;

4. Display the cultural, economic and historical diversity that Woodlawn is known for.

Applications are accepted on a rolling bases and the application process will conclude when all funds are dispersed.

“The Business Corridor Improvement Grant is our capstone project for improving the business districts in Woodlawn. This is a fantastic opportunity for business owners and property owners to revitalize their storefronts and create a more pleasant environment for residents and visitors to the community,” said Wendy Walker Williams, Executive Director of the SECC.

Eligible Woodlawn businesses may receive up to $5,000 to complete their projects.

For more information, please visit:

Please contact the South East Chicago Commission at 773-324-6926 or via email to learn more about this exciting opportunity.