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61st Street Farmers Market

Friday, March 21, 2014

It's time to restock fridge and freezer! Join us at the 61st Street Farmers Market this Saturday, March 22 (9am-2pm), for our third monthly indoor market!

Here is some of what you can expect to find at the Market this Saturday:

- Bring your tired, dulled knives, shears, and scissors to the Market. Sharpening By Dave will be there to give them back their edge. "Sharp Savings" cards are $10. In return, you receive 10 sharpened items at 1/2 off!

- Ellis Family Farms will be bringing a variety of apples (Honeycrisp, Empire, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Melrose), eggs, honey and jam. 

- Growing Power will be selling early, early spring greens—spinach, lettuce mixes and sprouts!!

- The Urban Canopy will be at the Market with onions, potatoes, carrots, sprouts and microgreens. Get off to a spring start with a green wheat-grass shot!

- River Valley Ranch will be back at the Market, selling their full array of mushrooms, salsas and other healthy and delicious products!

- How about Faith's Farm bacon AND eggs for breakfast! Faith's Farm will also be bringing sustainably raised wholehog sausages (brats and Italian sausages) and Kim's array of REAL body products (salves, lip balms, deodorants, soaps) made from ingredients you could eat. If you haven't tried the deodorant yet, you should. It really works!

- This week, Mint Creek will be offering a SALE on 100% organic-grassfed Spring Beef Stew Meat—only $10 per package! Try making Beef Stew with Dumplings (recipe attached), a great favorite of the kids!

- Lucky Duck will be selling chicken and duck eggs. As always, get there early!

- To remind you of the taste of summer, how about some Tomato Mountain Sun Gold Tomato Jam? Tomato Mountain will also be selling their variety of jarred organic salsas, soups, margarita mix, and fruit preserves.

- This week, Ingram's Jam & Bread will be bringing Multigrain, Honey Wheat, Pepper Thyme, Rye, Pumpkin, and Carrot loaves. Ingrams' Jam & Bread will also be selling a variety of jams, lemon curd, and other delectable things to spread on bread or to eat out of the jar!

- Peerless Bread and Jam will be back at the Market with organic, wood-fired oven baked loaves and more. Last month's Raisin Rye Cookies were a hit and will be back. In addition, Peerless will be introducing NEW English muffins and a fresh batch of that addictive, tart/sweet Blueberry-Lime Jam!

- As always, to go with that bread, Stamper Cheese.

- For a super-easy lunch or dinner, try a pot of soup from Spark of the Heart. Their flavorful, pre-prepared (no work, except for the water that you add!) soups, chilis and side dishes are a delicious and easy way to eat healthy every day!

- Pleasant House Bakery will be there with their awesome Royal Pies! Try them all—Chicken Balti, Steak and Ale, Kale Mushroom, Sausage Rolls, or Breakfast Pies.

- Spice! will be preparing hot-on-the-spot tacos and burritos filled with Market ingredients.

- Ice cream is an all-season favorite. Put a scoop of Yoberri Gourmet ice cream or frozen yogurt on that slice of, well, just about anything....

- Ask Vera of Videnovich Farms about signing up for her 2014 CSA!

- At 10:30am, Chef Nick Daloia will be preparing and giving us a taste of his Pappardelle w/Creamy Mushroom Sauce.

The 61st Street INDOOR Farmers Market takes place inside the Experimental Station, located at 6100 South Blackstone Avenue. Please enter the Market through the red door on the east/Blackstone Avenue side of the building.

For your calendars: The final indoor winter market day will be held Saturday, April 26. The new 2014 61st Street Farmers Market outdoor season will launch on May 17!