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Halloween in Hyde Park

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween in Hyde Park (Saturday 10.31.2015) will bring a host of holiday fun for families in the neighborhood.  Most notably the biggest "monster" is the unofficial festival on Harper Avenue from 57th-59th Street.  This remarkable sight is not to be missed.  

This year The Promontory will also host a huge dance party for kids that may need a way to burn off that sugar high.  This is a free Chic-a-Go-Go dance party with puppets, party people, and legendary musicians from the 50s and 60s presenting spooky songs for kids of all ages to dance their costumes loose! DJ KWEST-ON will play music at the fest, and Akira/hyde Park, The Silver Room, Double Stitch Twins, REFORMED SCHOOL, and HYDE PARK PRINT LOUNGE will make the party percolate!

Hey, don't sleep... Trick or Treat on 53rd Street.  Downtown Hyde Park has coordinated another safe way to celebrate candy collecting in costumes. From 2pm - 7pm, there are 8 locations for trick or treaters to visit in the Hyde Park community. 


The Promontory
5311 S. Lake Park Ave West

1530 E. 53rd St

Hyde Park Bank
1525 E. 53rd St

South East Chicago Commission 
1511 E. 53rd St
  The Great Frame Up
1418 E 53rd St

Mac Property Management
1364 E. 53rd St

The Sit Down 53 & Sushi Bar
1312 E. 53rd St

Pearle Vision
1200 E 53rd St

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