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Hyde Park 53rd Street Traffic Study Begins

Thursday, October 31, 2013

As requested by Ald. Will Burns (4th Ward), the South East Chicago Commission recently began the 53rd Street / Hyde Park Traffic Study administered by T.Y LIN Consulting.  The community is asked to actively participate and share their ideas, experiences and understanding during the data collection process that will conclude by the 2nd week of November.

A newly created 4th Ward Hyde Park Parking and Transit Committee will oversee the study and provide recommended actions based on the results.

“I think there’s perception and reality and hopefully this study will be able to clear up the perception v. reality of traffic in Hyde Park,” Williams said. “The goal of the study is to pull together some action strategies for the community to implement for each of the corridors.”

Community participation traces back to 2001 with the creation of the 53rd Street TIF District.  The organized 53rd Street Visioning Workshops were used as a vehicle for the community to share concerns about increased traffic, insufficient parking and congested streets.

“I think what is great about the study is that the scope of the work was designed by representation from all of the community groups,” Williams said. “It’s the SECC and the community doing the study together so what the community wants to get out of the study we definitely asked for.”

With the future now becoming the present, the concerns expressed by the community are addressed for immediate action.  

Volunteers are needed.  If you are interested in participating in the data collection process, please contact the SECC at 773-324-6926

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