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Shirley J. NEWSOME

Shirley J. NEWSOME


Resident of North Kenwood-Oakland for the past 34 plus years (1979 to present)

Began community involvement in 1981 with the organization of the Lake Park-Berkeley-Ellis-Drexel Block Club Association, encompassing the area between Drexel Boulevard and the Lake, and Pershing Road to 43rd Street.

Has been involved in the overall development and revitalization of the community area since 1988. Participated in the 80 planning meetings that led to the designation of North Kenwood-Oakland as a Conservation Area. Served as the Planning Committee Co-Chair, and was later appointed Chairman of the Conservation Community Council, following City Council designation.

Actively involved in all of the “Quality of Life” issues of community development and revitalization: Schools, Parks, Child Care, Cultural Arts, Crime and Safety, and serve as community representative for North Kenwood-Oakland on various committees addressing these areas.

Has extended “Quality of Life” service to the Hyde Park, South Kenwood, Washington Park and Woodlawn communities as a result of appointment to the South East Chicago Commission with particular focus on housing, transportation, business development and retention, neighborhood improvement, and arts and culture (place-making).

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