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Mission Secc

The South East Chicago Commission works in collaboration with the University of Chicago and other institutions, businesses, and organizations to foster a spirit of community and to enhance the ongoing quality of life across the neighborhoods we serve.

To achieve this mission, the Commission pursues the following objectives:

  • To work with community members and groups, religious institutions, business associations, elected officials, social service organizations, and others to identify, initiate and advance a set of common economic and community development priorities for the neighborhood, and to convene neighbors and organizations to focus on and resolve specific areas of concern as needed;
  • To convene audiences and groups around regional topics to build consensus;
  • To work in close partnership with the University of Chicago to make the neighborhood an attractive place to live, learn, work and play;
  • To review, comment on, and support or oppose major initiatives proposed for the neighborhood by the university, other institutions, real estate developers, landlords, government agencies, elected officials, and others according to what the Commission determines are in the best interests of the University and the neighborhood;
  • To assemble and provide information on neighborhood conditions;
  • To work to improve community living conditions in areas such as building code and liquor law enforcement, zoning monitoring, transportation services, commercial tenant assistance, community improvement initiatives, and others; and
  • To take such other actions as the Commission reasonably determines are in furtherance of the Commission's general mission to improve the overall quality of life in the neighborhood.
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