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Woodlawn Community Summit

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Woodlawn Community Summit

In 2010 residents in Woodlawn begin organizing to address issues pledging their community. The South East Chicago Commission facilitated a strategic planning meeting with these residents to develop a community plan of action. These efforts lead to the organizing of the first Woodlawn Community Summit. The Summit brought together residents to discuss efforts and actions necessary to enhance the quality of life in Woodlawn. The summit was organized by a Woodlawn Summit Steering Committee comprised of community residents and stakeholders.

The Woodlawn Summit Steering Committee convened the Third Annual Woodlawn Community Summit “A Call to Action” at The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration on Saturday, March 31, 2012. The summit brought together a coalition of residents, neighborhood associations, visionaries, community and civic officials to discuss the community plan for transformation. There were interactive breakout sessions about safety, urban agriculture, business districts, and the Green Healthy Neighborhoods Land Use Plan during summit. Participants in each session discussed community initiatives and actions that can be implemented to address issues in Woodlawn.

Working Group Committees:

  • The Business District Committee has been working to organize a Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce. The committee is in the process of forming an Advisory Committee to help guide efforts that will help establish a chamber relevant for Woodlawn.
  • The Safety Committee has organized a community safety watch on 7 blocks in Woodlawn. Residents are working with local police to prevent crime and violence on the 7 targeted blocks. The committees aim is to implement a successful crime prevention strategy that can be duplicated on other troubled blocks in Woodlawn.
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