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The South East Chicago Commission enhances the quality of life in its target neighborhoods through a variety of initiatives that support economic development and other aspects of community life. For more information about any of these programs, please contact the SECC.


Green Healthy Neighborhoods in Action (GHNA)

The Green Healthy Neighborhoods in Action (GHNA) project will bring to life a community plan called the Green Healthy Neighborhood (GHN) Land Use Plan. Often times, lack of funding, community participation, support, and community expertise, tend to be barriers for effective implementation of community plans. The GHNA project aim is to overcome those obstacles and put a community plan into action. To view a draft of the GHN Land Use Plan, visit the CMAP website at

Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Program

The Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Program is an initiative administered by the South East Chicago Commission (SECC) and sponsored by the University of Chicago. The SECC awards grants of up to $25,000 to neighborhood organizations to support beautification projects that enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods and allows us to work together as community partners for the improvement of all our areas. The program is designed to enhance the physical attractiveness of the Hyde Park-South Kenwood, North Kenwood-Oakland, Woodlawn, and Washington Park communities. Since 1999, we have granted nearly $500,000 in beautification funds.


Neighborhood Business Development Center (NBDC)

The SECC have been awarded the Neighborhood Business Development Center (NBDC) Delegate Agency Contract for 2014. As a NBDC the SECC will be conducting business consultations, hosting business workshops and round table discussions, connecting local businesses to resources, and promoting available real estate in. These services will be provided with in the SECC community footprint (Oakland, Kenwood, Hyde Park, Washington Park and Woodlawn).

Business District Improvement (MOU)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Chicago and the University of Chicago provides an opportunity for the SECC to implement integrated, community-based approaches to neighborhood improvement. The SECC will work to leverage MOU funding to supplement and enhance business districts with in the SECC footprint by implementing business district improvements. These investments help create environments that enable businesses to thrive.

Special Service Area (SSA)

Special Service Areas, known as Business Improvement Districts or BIDs in other cities, are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy within contiguous areas. The enhanced services and programs are in addition to those currently provided through the City. The South East Chicago Commission is the service provider for Special Service Area #61 Hyde Park. For more information about SSA Hyde Park, Click Here.

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