Business District

The East 53rd Street Business District stretches one mile from Hyde Park Blvd -1700 East 53rd Street - to Ellis Ave -1000 East 53rd Street.  This critical mile is a central main line through Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood and is the foundation for the 53rd Street TIF District, which actively support the attraction and retention of businesses and commerce in the community.

Encompassing similar portions of the Hyde Park and Kenwood communities, the 53rd Street TIF district was created to re-establish a cohesive and vibrant mixed-use district that provides a comprehensive range of goods and services to the surrounding residential community.

It is also intended to accommodate new residential and institutional uses where appropriate. Other priorities include streetscaping and landscaping along 53rd Street and Lake Park Avenue, new off-street parking facilities, and projects that provide job training and day care for local businesses.

The 84-acre district also supports the rehabilitation of existing structures and the expansion of public open space in the area. For a map and additional information, visit the City of

Initiatives and redevelopment are funded via the 53rd Street Business Improvement Fund, which is cooperatively managed by the TIF Advisory Council for the stimulation of business growth and development.