What We Do

Regional economic development in action

Our Focus

Our mission is to facilitate and support economic development within the Southeast lakefront communities and to foster collaboration and coordination among businesses, organizations and institutions.  We are laser focused on job creation, community investment and economic vitality.

The SECC pursues its mission through a number of programs and initiatives designed to make our communities more attractive places to live, learn, work, and play. Some of these programs focus specifically on economic development-by attracting new businesses to the area, for example, or by supporting existing businesses-while others monitor everything from building codes to liquor license applications to public transportation. Each year, we sponsor several community-wide events to celebrate and showcase our neighborhoods.

Our Initiatives

To see results in job creation, community investment, and economic vitality, SECC has committed to three umbrella initiatives.

The SECC Business Attraction & Growth Initiative focuses on:

  • recruiting efforts to attract strong businesses to our communities,
  • providing training assistance and consultation for entrepreneurs
  • connecting businesses to banking institutions and capital resources,
  • implementing consumer engagement tactics to stimulate sales,
  • promoting job opportunities within the business districts
  • collaborating on co-op advertising and marketing

The SECC Quality of Life Initiative focuses on:

  • Addressing safety and security for residents and visitors
  • Transforming our communities through arts and culture
  • Increasing property values by reducing blight
  • Promoting healthy living and lifestyles for the entire family

The SECC Civic Leadership Initiative focuses on:

  • Convening residents, local leaders and public officials
  • Expanding community outreach using technology
  • Delivering vital resources where the needs are unmet
  • Organizing local community planning and development
  • Building the capacity of local leaders, groups, and neighborhood organizations

Our Programs

Our initiatives guide our program development and execution to